Concerned Diplomates, Clinicians & Members of CPSP
The primary goal of the Concerned Diplomates was to insist that the Executive Committee affirm the 2009 By-laws and call the Governing Council back into session. This goal has been accomplished in the events which took place at the 2014 Plenary. The Concerned Diplomates have completed their task.  Thanks to everyone who supported this important work by sending emails, letters and making phone calls to the Executive Committee.

However, there is still more work to be done in restoring confidence in the leadership of CPSP.  A larger and broader based group is forming to address these ongoing concerns in our organization.  Keep an eye out for the Aboveground Report, which is the newsletter of this new group, soon to be published

Paula Belleggie

Cesar Espineda

Jim Gebhart

Al Henager

John Jeffery

Wendy Jones

David Koskela 

Barbara A. McGuire 

CJ Malone

Larry Mitchell

Ed Outlaw 

Roy Sanders

Geof Tio



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